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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

The company "Elite Granite" is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of natural stone. In the market of stone working, we have been working for more than 10 years. During that time, solid experience in the manufacture of products for the building. We have won not only the status, trust and respect, but serious and permanent customers. After all, every one of our specialist professional in their field, who knows all the characteristics of the material, tools and equipment.

"Elite Granite" - is a modern rapidly developing company. Our goal is the production of stone products of the highest quality. The Company performs a full range of services related to the processing of granite and marble. To date, we produce not only simple, modular boards, steps and paving, but also complex architectural elements meet the requirements of our clients and guests.

Technology does not stand still, and every day there are new products and solutions that enable a higher level of technological and processing of natural stones. We are also trying to keep up with the times. Our high-tech facilities are equipped with modern equipment, but this is not the limit. We are confident that the new items in the stone processing will open up new horizons. Due to the dynamic development of the industrial base of the "Elite Granite," we are looking for suppliers of tools and equipment for stone. I sincerely believe that your products will allow us to produce high quality goods at competitive prices.

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to develop and expand the range of products. This is significant because they will be able to bring something new to the job and take the company to a new level. That is why we are interested in the purchase of new and unique raw materials, not only in Russia but also abroad.

We invite you to an interesting and mutually beneficial cooperation of the company specializing in the supply of granite and marble from different fields of the world, as well as in the supply of rough diamonds and other stone processing tool. We hope that the new partnership will help both our and your further development. Together we can make the world brighter and more beautiful.

We are open to dialogue and willing to consider all your suggestions. We hope for a long-term stable business relationship.

Exchange valuable experience will improve the efficiency and develop the business!

If you want to build partnerships, you can contact us by phone:

+7 922-238-76-87


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